Scholarships & School Grants

For 40 years, the Marquette Builders Exchange has been awarding scholarships to U.P. students who are continuing their education in construction. Areas of study have included: industrial maintenance, welding, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, architecture, engineering, drafting, electrical, and construction management. Over the years, those students have gone on to be successful and integral members of the U.P. work force.

Scholarships for U.P. High School Seniors:

Applications are closed for 2022.

Apprenticeship Scholarships:

Workers who are completing a DOL certified apprenticeship program in a field of construction are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship scholarship. There are six $500 scholarships available in 2022. To apply, fill out the 2022 Apprentice Scholarship Application and return it, along with a copy of your official registration to, or the Marquette Builders Exchange, 1229 W. Washington St, Ste 3., Marquette MI 49855. The deadlines are Feb 1 and Oct 1. 

School Grants:

The Marquette Builders Exchange has also designated in 2022 up to $5,000 to provide funding to U.P. schools to help update industrial arts & building trades classrooms, purchase tools or supplies for projects, or provide bussing to events.  Click here to download the application.

Schools Funded: 

  • 2019 – Gwinn High School – $3,000 for lumber & supplies to build saunas in the building trades class
  • 2019 -Republic High School – $1,000 for electrical improvements to the industrial arts classroom
  • 2020 – Engadine High School – $1,560 for carpentry tools, hands tools, power equipment, and safety supplies
  • 2021 – Superior Central School – $617 to purchase a miter saw. See their thank you video!
  • 2021 – Gwinn Middle/High School – $735 for drafting tables
  • 2021 – Gwinn Elementary – $108 to purchase math books
  • 2021 – Dickinson-Iron ISD in Iron Mountain – $629 to purchase a miter saw
  • 2021 – Delta-Schoolcraft ISD in Escanaba – $2,000 for lumber/supplies to build a mezzanine for tool storage
  • 2021 – Delta-Schoolcraft ISD in Manistique – $1050 for cordless nail guns
  • 2022 – Gwinn Middle/High School – $1,000 towards Geometry in Construction teacher training


Other Scholarships & Assistance: 

To apply for the Home Builders Association of the U.P. Scholarship, click here.

Other opportunities are available for students pursuing Career & Technical Education degrees by contacting the CTE Committee of Marquette & Alger Counties. Please visit MARESA’s CTE website to learn more.


2022: Kingsford High School Scholarship Winners, Connor Erickson and Jenna Olkkonen, hold signs of recognition of their awards at their school’s award ceremony.
2022: The Delta-Schoolcraft ISD mezzanine for storing tools and supplies is almost finished! See photo below for details of grant.

2021: Jacob Gentz accepting his $500 apprenticeship scholarship from Marquette Builders Exchange Executive Director, Jennifer Lammi. He is in the Carpenters & Millwrights Apprenticeship Program
2021: Jacob Cogger, instructor at Superior Central School, with his high school construction class, accepting a check for $617 to purchase a miter saw.
2020: Tony Retaski (L) and MBE Board President Ryan Stern (R), present John Krenek of Engadine Schools safety equipment and $1,560 for power tools.
2021: Instructor Steve Menard of Delta-Schoolcraft ISD accepting a check from MBE Executive Director Jen Lammi for $2,000 for lumber so the students can build a mezzanine for storing tools and supplies
2021: Instructor Robert Jayne of Dickinson-Iron ISD with his First Block Building Trades students, accepting a grant check for $629 to purchase a miter saw, a common job site tool.
2022: Sarah Wolenski, an apprentice with the Carpenters/Millwrights, was awarded one of the six 2022 Apprenticeship Scholarships Wolenski (left) is pictured with MBE Executive Director, Jen Lammi.

Past High School Scholarship Winners: 

Nicholas Anderson, Luther L Wright K-12
Brenten Belanger, Negaunee High School
Connor Erickson, Kingsford High School
Jordana Hardy, Gwinn High School
Austin Jordan, Hancock Central High School
Jenna Olkkonen, Kingsford High School
Westen Owens, Iron Mountain High School

Scott Pendergraft, Escanaba High School
Dante Basanese, Iron Mountain High School
Natalie Monette, Lake Linden-Hubbell High School
Aiden Christianson, Rapid River High School

Logan Chaudier, Negaunee High School
Drew DuShane, Negaunee High School
Heston Roberts, North Star Academy
Ryan Taylor, Manistique High School
Noah Weaver, Escanaba High School

Austin Brewer, Westwood High School
Noah Jacko, Kingsford High School
Theo Kumpala, Negaunee High School
Thomas LaFave, Ishpeming High School
Jacob Maxon, Iron Mountain High School
Joseph Roell, North Dickinson County School

Kyle Hupp, Chassell Township Schools
Aaron Corkin, Ishpeming High School
Gabriel Johnson, North Dickinson High School
Blaine Reinhart, Escanaba High School
Kalysta Sormunen, Marquette Alternative High School

Austin Alexa, North Dickinson High School
Matthew Chard, Houghton High School
Heather Harris, Kingsford High School
Clayton Johnson, Escanaba High School
Levi Lindberg, Ewen-Trout Creek High School
Natasha Smith, Escanaba High School

Daryn Carter, Marquette High School
Derek Carter, Marquette High School
Joe Ferzacca, Marquette High School
Tyler Rushford, Munising High School

Andrew Heinonen, Westwood High School
Matthew Laiho, Westwood High School
Justin Beauchamp, Gwinn High School
Michael Remilong, Negaunee High School.

Matthew Robert Anderson, Marquette High School
Cameron Verigin, Marquette High School
Samual Huron Lakenen, Marquette High School
Craig Ekstrum, Marquette High School
Haylee Lakenen, Gwinn High School

Raymond Anderson, Westwood High School
Hunter Mahoski, Westwood High School
Dylan Dowrick, Marquette High School

Andrew Jarvi, Republic-Michigamme High School
Zachary Niemi, Ishpeming High School
Laura Simula, Westwood High School
Danielle Vilona, Negaunee High School

Dylan Etelamaki, Westwood High School
Rudy Goupille, Negaunee High School
Chad Laiho, Westwood High School
Kenneth Peterson, Ishpeming High School
Zachary Solka, Ishpeming High School

Chase Elliot, Marquette High School
Samuel Genord, Ishpeming High School
James Rautio, Ishpeming High School
Devin Tapani, Negaunee High School

Andrew Carlson, Ishpeming
Bradley St. Germain, Negaunee
Daniel VanAlstyne, Gwinn

Travis Allen, Ishpeming
Matthew Barry, Republic-Michigamme
John Heikkila, Westwood
Kyle Kestila, Westwood

Korin Blubaugh, Republic-Michigamme
Daniel Murray, Westwood
David Sutton, Marquette
Stephen Talaga, Negaunee

Brian Bolm, Marquette
Steffanie Pepin, Westwood
Amy Ruona, Westwood
Jordon Skytta, Westwood
Eric Uuro, Ishpeming
Joshua Wiljanen, Westwood

Timothy Barrette,  Negaunee
Jon Betz, Marquette
Erin Feeley, Marquette
Alisa Minard, Westwood

Bryce Hattamer, Gwinn
Emily Mantila, Westwood
Eric Sibley, Westwood
Nicholas Thompson, Negaunee
Ryan Ward, Negaunee

John Bauman, Negaunee
Jacob Carlson, Westwood
Michael Jakubowski, Gwinn

John Carstens, Marquette
Raquel Magdaleno, Gwinn
Paul J. Skoglund, Gwinn

Brenna N. Barney, Gwinn
Andrew M. Buck, Ishpeming
Randy Makela, Marquette
Robert Noe, Gwinn
Eric J. Pietila, Gwinn

Andrew Luehmann, Ishpeming
Adam Manty, Westwood
Jennifer Tapio, Republic-Michigamme

Mark Anderson, Gwinn
Amanda Angeli, Marquette
Bruce A. Cram, Jr., Gwinn
Marguerite Ledebuhr, Gwinn
Joel Prusi, Republic-Michigamme

Melissa Beltz, Gwinn
David Green, Gwinn
Anthony Parkinson, Republic-Michigamme
Benjamin Ranta, Ishpeming
Nicole Silva, Gwinn

Lee Ahola, Westwood
Brian Frustaglio, Negaunee
Travis Hongisto, Westwood
John Larson, Negaunee
Trever Nicholas, Ishpeming

Joseph J. Eppert, Republic-Michigamme
Karl Haapala, Westwood
Jeff Gregorich, Marquette
Gabriel J. Seelen, Ishpeming

Cory Bushong, Westwood
Johanna Kasubowski, Westwood
Andrew Kotila, Negaunee
Aaron Oja, Republic-Michigamme
Todd Wills, Gwinn

Let us know if you were a recipient of a scholarship before 1995!

Past Apprenticeship Scholarship Winners:

Sarah Wolenski, Carpenters & Millwrights
Jersie Skrzniarz, Electricians

Noah Brooks, Sheet Metal Workers
Justin Lindsay, Carpenters & Millwrights
Michael Tyner, Carpenters & Millwrights
Jacob Gentz, Carpenters & Millwrights